How do I delete a note.

if you are using the pro version on iOS 7 then you can easily delete notes, please find the note in the list down the left of the iPad, swipe your finger from Right to Left across the note and the Delete button will appear, tap delete and the note will be deleted.

How Do I Undo ?

The iPad has an undo option build directly into the keyboard, Press the .?123 button on the bottom left of the keyboard, and the undo button should appear, The iPhone does not have an undo button to press so Apple introduced the 'Shake to Undo' option, so shake the phone while editing a note and it will do an undo.

Help! - I have lost my password!

If you are using the latest version of the iDo app (Free: 1.72+ and Paid:2.43), then it is possible to recover the password but its not a simple process.

First, you will need to connect your device to your computer and launch iTunes, click on your device from the list down the left of the screen, then click Apps from the top of the screen, scroll down and you should see File Sharing, select iDo - Notepad or iDo Senior depending on which version of the app you have.

You should now see some files appear in the right of the screen, one should be called iDo.sqlite, this is the database file for the app and contains all your notes and password.

Click on the iDo.sqlite file and click Save To, select a location to save the file.

On a Computer Download SQLite Database Browser from http://sourceforge.net/projects/sqlitebrowser/ and install 

Launch the app.

From the File menu select 'Open Database' and select the iDo.sqlite file saved above and click open.

A screen similar to below should be displayed, click on Browse Data and then change the table to ZSECURITY.

The password should then be displayed in the list as ZPASSWORD.

How do I enable iCloud syncing ?

To enable iCloud syncing all you need to do is open 'App Settings' in the app and switch on the iCloud option, once enabled the app will take up to 15 minutes to sync any notes you have in the cloud to your device.

I have purchased iDo Notepad Senior and I have notes in the free version, how do I get these to into the new version ?

When you download the full version of the app it will appear as a new app with no notes in, but there is a very easy way to export all your existing notes.

To export all your notes from the free version into the paid version all you need to do is -

Open the free version
Tap the app settings button at the bottom of the page
Tap the export all notes to Ido senior (if purchased) button

Your notes will then be sent to the paid version of the app where you will be asked if you wish to import the notes, select yes and they will import.

My Notes have disappeared, where are they ?

Notes can’t be deleted without swiping to delete, if your notes have vanished then this is usually due to a filter being selected by accident, the image below shows the filters in the green box , to reset the filter tap the undo button highlighted in the red box in the image below and your notes will reappear.

© Neil Thomas 2014 - iDo Notepad
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